Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Importance of web standards in a Web design

As we know Internet is the major source of information in this era. Because of the reason Information is the most valuable thing in the whole world. How this information can be effectively presented over the web? The answer is web designing and it is done in order to make this information prominent and attractive over the web.
Worth of web design standards
Standards are meant for getting rid to problems. Second if everybody follows the same thing it removes a lot of confusions. And to follow a standard makes the work easy.
Use of XHTML as a web design standard: When we talk about the web standards in regard to web designing the first term comes into our mind is X Html. XHTML is a standardize version of Html which ensures that a website will run on every internet based device.  The best example to use of XHTML is mobile phone technology. Now days it is much common that every person use to access its face book account from its mobile browser. And it looks pretty much fine over there why? Because of the standardize version of HTML which has removed the difference to exploring website either from PC or from mobile.
Benefits of using XHTML: Not only mobile phones or PDA users have the advantage from XHTML but also Audio screen readers (visually impaired) can take advantage of the cleaned and structured version of html.
Web Trends Vs web standard
It is the web trends which forces new technology to come on the market. And if a new technology comes into a market it is definitely based on standard. Web trends usually tends to change from time to time and standard is meant for facilitating a web trend in order to ensure quality.
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